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Sponsor Miracle Flyer

Registering Your Miracle Flyer(s)

Please keep in mind, when you sign-up to register your Miracle Flyer(s), you can only use one email address. If you're sponsoring more than one Miracle Flyer and would like to register each Miracle Flyer you sponsor, you'll need to use a separate email address for each Miracle Flyer.


If you're sponsoring more than one Miracle Flyer and would like only one sponsor profile, you can choose to have each Miracle Flyer printed with the same sponsor number. When ordering, please indicate which registration method you prefer.

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Gifting Your Miracle Flyer(s)

If you're gifting your Miracle Flyer(s) to someone you know, those you gift your Miracle Flyers to can sign up and register their Miracle Flyers as Sponsor Members. You can follow the progress of the Miracle Flyer(s) you gift forward by simply entering the Miracle Flyer number(s) in the search box when following your Miracle Flyer(s). 


Your Miracle Flyer(s) will arrive at your shipping address within 5 to 10 days of your order.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, please email us at


Sponsor more than one Miracle Flyer and receive free shipping/handling! 

Sponsor Miracle Flyer

Sponsor Miracle Flyer


Plus $3.50 Shipping/Handling

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