Miracle Flyer Requests

Miracle Flyer requests can be shared to help support community programs, non-profit organizations as well as requests in support of individuals and families in need of a kind word and helping hand. 

There are never any costs or fees to those who share Miracle Flyer requests and all proceeds raised at Miracle Flyer events as well as all donations made to selected Featured Events at MiracleFlyer.com, go directly to help support the fundraising goals of the selected cause.

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Featured Events 

Miracle Flyer Requests are shared with Miracle Flyer Community and on our Featured Events page for a period of 90 days or until your fundraising goals have been reached. 

Miracle Flyers Events

If you're planning a fundraising event, we'll donate up to 100 Miracle Flyers at no charge and also include the cost of shipping. The perfect way to raise funds at your event and increase awareness of your cause, Miracle Flyers can be sold at your event for a suggested donation of $10 to help support your fundraising goals.

The fun and inspiring way to increase awareness and raise funds for your cause, your Miracle Flyers will continue forward to help increase awareness of regional non-profit resources and inspire a tangible difference for worthwhile causes - for years to come.  

Your Miracle Flyer Request 


To share your Miracle Flyer Request, please fill-out the form below. If your request is accepted, we will notify you within five days from the date you share your request.

If you're planning an event to help raise funds for your cause and would like us to send Miracle Flyers to your event, please enter your shipping address below. 
Please enter the number of Miracle Flyers (up to 100) you'd like us to send to your event. 
Please tell us why you're requesting a Miracle Flyer event and also the date and location of your event. 
If your cause is currently on a social sharing network, such as GoFundMe, please enter the URL below. 

Thank you for sharing your request. Please allow three days for processing.