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Member Conduct



All are welcome to join, regardless of race; religion, philosophy, sexual orientation or political affiliation. We ask only that you understand the spirit of Miracle Flyer Community is to uplift those who need uplifting, inspire those who need inspiring and treat members as you expect to be treated - with dignity and kindness.


Requests For Assistance: Please do not share requests for direct assistance with sponsors and/or members of the community.

Topics of Discussion

Although community members are encouraged to share inspiring stories, comments, photos and videos, Miracle Flyer Community is not a place to discuss politics, religious affiliation or sexual orientation.

Personal Information

Please do not share personal information with members you don't know. If you are asked for personal assistance and/or information from someone you do not know, please ask those who request information to fill-out a Miracle Flyer Request or contact the administrator.


Miracle Flyer Requests 

Miracle Flyer Requests can be shared for a variety of worthwhile causes, including: support for community programs, non-for-profit organizations and to help support individuals and families in need of a kind word and helping hand.


Emergency Assistance

If you are in need of food, shelter and/or clothing, please visit the Regional Resources on our website to find a comprehensive list of regional non-profit organizations. If you need assistance finding the right organization, please contact the administrator and we'll be happy to help find emergency resources in your area.


Termination of Membership

Miracle Flyer Community does not allow: unauthorized solicitation, profanity, bullying or disrespect of any kind to community members. Any member who violates these rules will be terminated from membership without notice. If you've sponsored a Miracle Flyer and are terminated from Miracle Flyer Community, we will refund the purchase price of your Miracle Flyer(s).

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