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Your Miracle Flyer

If you've found a Miracle Flyer and would like to learn where your Miracle Flyer has flown and share where you found your Miracle Flyer, click here

Regional Resources
If you, or someone you know, are in need of food, shelter or clothing, please visit our Regional Resources to find a list of emergency resources in your area.
Miracle Flyer Requests
If you'd like to share a request for a Miracle Flyer event with a community that believes in inspiring the spirit of sharing, please fill-out a Miracle Flyer Request.

Miracle Flyer Message

Flown to inspire a tangible difference for those in need of a kind word and helping hand and promote the spirit of sharing individually or at events and celebrations, each Miracle Flyer is individually numbered and printed with this timely message:


'Congratulations, You've Found a Miracle Flyer!

Have you ever considered nothing happens by chance? If you have then you were meant to find this Miracle Flyer and at this exact place and time.


Whether it's a family member, friend or neighbor, someone you know needs a kind word and helping hand. This Miracle Flyer is your timely reminder to help inspire miracles by giving of your time - Today

Please Pass Your Miracle Flyer Forward


To track the progress of your Miracle Flyer, please visit and enter your Miracle Flyer number.'

Your Sponsor Message

Your Miracle Flyer number corresponds to your Miracle Flyer sponsor profile at 

When you pass your Miracle Flyer forward, those who enter your Miracle Flyer number at can learn where, when and why your Miracle Flyer was first flown and also share where your Miracle Flyer was found.  


Those who visit can also learn about regional resources for food, shelter and clothing and share requests for Miracle Flyer events in support of community programs as well as support for individuals and families in need of a kind word and helping hand


Miracle Flyer Community

Join a growing community that believes in inspiring a tangible difference for a variety of worthwhile causes. 


When you join Miracle Flyer Community you're helping inspire a butterfly effect of kindness that can be passed forward for years to come.​ 

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