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Your Miracle Flyer

Each Miracle Flyer you sponsor is individually numbered and packaged with its own instructions. The perfect gift of sharing; pass your Miracle Flyer(s) forward at birthdays, holidays and celebrations of all kinds and track the progress of your Miracle Flyer(s) from your Miracle Flyer Sponsor profile at 


Your Miracle Flyer Sponsor Profile

Share your own messages, photos/videos and comments and watch as your Miracle Flyer(s) seek out worthwhile causes in support of those in need of a kind word and helping hand through increased awareness of regional non-profit resources and sponsored Miracle Flyer events.  

Miracle Flyer Community

Become one of the first Miracle Flyer Community Sponsors and help inspire a butterfly effect of kindness designed to promote the spirit of sharing for years to come.


Assembly of Spirit

Profits from Miracle Flyer are designated to help support the Assembly of Spirit, a not-for-profit dedicated to inspiring a tangible difference through increased awareness of regional non-profit organizations as well as selected Miracle Flyer events. 

Price: $10 (plus $3.50 shipping/handling)

Order more than one Miracle Flyer and receive free shipping/handling. 

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